Anima Mundi

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Anima Mundi, Brooch 2018 - wood, paint, alpaca, banknote (photography by Carla Movia)

Piece made ad hoc for the travelling exhibition 21 grams organized and curated by Ruudt Peters. The invited artists were asked to create a piece of jewellery with the weight and content of the soul - 21 grams. The show opened at the Crafts Museum of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and travelled to other countries such as Germany, and Poland.

When describing the creation of the universe, Plato in the Timaeus wrote: ' […] we ought to affirm according to the probable account that this universe is a living creature in very truth possessing soul and reason […]a single visible living being, containing within itself all animals that are by nature akin to it.' Plato theorized the existence of the Anima Mundi (World’s Soul) as a sort of intrinsic connection between all living beings: observing today’s world and society I asked myself what in fact this connection or common ground that drives all of us is. It dawned on me that what controls the world and the people living it is money, which rules and dictates our actions, our views and our so called freedom. Personal and collective battles are 'fought' in the name of money, driven by blind ambitions; what and who is damaged in the process doesn’t matter. Everything is on sale, there is nothing money can’t buy, even our soul.

Carla Movia

Contemporary Jewellery Maker

P.IVA 01355090323