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Escutcheon 01, Neckpiece 2018 - Steel, rope 45 x 32 cm (photography by Federico Cavicchioli)

Escutcheon 02, Neckpiece 2018 - Steel, leather 36 x 23.5 cm (photography by Federico Cavicchioli)

Escutcheon 03, Neckpiece 2018 - Steel, rope 32 x 16.5 cm (photography by Federico Cavicchioli)

Escutcheon 04, Neckpiece 2018 - Steel, leather 30 x 20.5 cm (photography by Federico Cavicchioli)

Emblems are used as a representation of the ethic and beliefs of a group of belonging. Focusing on the concept of national emblems I question the effect and weight they have on our society. We carry our national emblem on our passports and official documents as to signify the belonging to our country. But do we actually live up to the symbols and values enclosed in them, or the fact of being born under a certain flag implicitly guarantees that this ethic reflects on our behaviour?

Carla Movia

Contemporary Jewellery Maker

P.IVA 01355090323